Exploring Gilgit Pakistan

“Exploring Gilgit, Pakistan”

We heard you want to visit the Gilgit region in the up north of Pakistan. Well, we have put in all our efforts in describing the immense culture and experience of our tour to that region.


As per the stats, tourism is rapidly growing in Pakistan since 2010. If you have never visited Pakistan before, we would like to start with some information and facts about the magnificent country.

Pakistan was given freedom on August 14, 1947. It is officially known as “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. Geographically, Pakistan is located at a very vital and very significant position on the face of planet earth’s map.This makes the climate of Pakistan extremely interesting.

When Should You Plan to Visit Northern Regions of Pakistan?

The climate of Pakistan covers all four seasons. However, weather in the up north regions is mostly cold. It gets extremely cold in the months of December, January and February. The roadways get closed in these months as well.

The best months to visit this region are August, September and October for those who enjoy cold weathers. While, for those who want to explore the green scenic landscapes with a mildly cold weather should prefer going there in the months of May, June and July.

Traveling Gilgit:

Keep your eyes glued to your gadgets or laptop screens and keep on reading. We are going to share our complete travel experience to the Gilgit region in Pakistan.

Tour Duration:

From Karachi, the duration of the complete travel will take up to 8-10 days depending upon the travel from Karachi via train, roadways or air.

Day 01:

Starting from Islamabad, you can patch up with a number of traveling and trip organizers. For your travel up north, we would suggest you to consult the tour planners. If you want to enjoy more and worry less, tour planners can offer quite a deal in this case.

The tour starts usually in the midnight from Islamabad. It takes about 5-6 hours’ drive to Balakot. The morning breakfast is done there. Some parathas along with tea would help. After a 1-2 hours stay there among the magnificent mountains, you can continue traveling ahead.

The travel continues for about 2-3 hours till Naran. You can stay there again for 1-2 hours and visit the market there. Rafting is also one of the main attractions in the Naran region.

After the gushy market tour and rafting, you can start moving ahead. Within 4-5 hours of travel, you will reach Chillas.

Day 02:

Chillas has different resorts and hotels. You have to pick one to have food, stay the night and also to have the breakfast next morning.

After the breakfast, you can resume the travel journey by road. The roadway will give you an everlasting experience and never-ending views of the snow peaked hills and mesmerizing valleys.

The road travel will take 3-4 hours ahead to the Nanga Parbat view point. The specific view point is famous for creating the link between 3 mountain ranges.

Moving ahead, Hunza region is reached within 3-4 hours of more travel. The most importants spots in Hunza are Baltit and Altit forts, Passu cones, Karimabad market, Eagle nest view point and a lot more.

You should visit eagle nest resort and view point first. It offers a mesmerizing scene of a number of snow covered glaciers and mountains. One of these peaks is named as “lady finger” which also looks like it.

A 1-2 hours stay won’t take much. Then going through the Karimabad market, and again 1 hour drive can take you to any resort or hotel you choose to stay in.


Do not the stone shopping and the walnut cake from Karimabad market in Hunza.

Day 03:

 In Hunza and the resort there what you have to do is staying the night in any hotel and having the breakfast next day.

After the breakfast, brace yourself because it is going to get really chilly now. The temperature going down to about minus 5-10 degrees easily.

A 3-4 hours’ drive ahead through the majestic Karakorum Highway upwards will take you to the Sost. Sost is a small town in Hunza valley which comes right before the Karakorum National Park or Pak-China Border. The border is magnificent. It is home to scenery and iconic views.

You will reach there in 2-3 hours of drive ahead. And it will leave chattering your teeth. Low temperature and iconic views; a lifetime experience.

Staying for an hour at max because you can’t handle anymore of cold, just saying. Returning on the same routes, passing through the long dark tunnels, you will reach back to Hunza. You must visit the altit and batit forts which are the preservers of the cultural heritage.

After having a cultural delight, you should move ahead to Hussaini Suspension Bridge in Passu region. Crossing the bridge on foot is dangerous and not so dangerous at the same time.

Returning from there, you have to stay another night in Hunza. A night time concert of soft yet touching Wakhi songs from the Bulbulik Music School guys would be another treat.

Day 04:

The day ends and night stay is done at the resort. Breakfast from the resort and moving backwards is the journey left ahead.

After 3-4 hours travel, you would reach Attabad Lake. Jet Ski and Boating through the mesmerizing, calm and peaceful lake will leave you really satisfied.

Staying for 1-2 hours there, you can move forwards towards Naran. After 5-6 hours travel, you will reach Naran.

Day 05:

Staying the night at Naran is the main purpose. You won’t mind a night time BarBQ in the resort too. After the night and breakfast next day. Moving back towards Pakistan, you will reach Balakot within 3-4 hours’ drive. Lulusar Lake come on the way too.

After 6-7 hours travel, you will finally reach Islamabad and the journey will end there. We believe the experience will stay alive for the whole life.

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