Exploring Turkey

Exploring Turkey:


Turkey is a wonder of its own. It is a mixed blend of European and Asian cultures. It harmonizes with both western and eastern cultures and values. It covers a very unique graphical position on the face of world’s map. It is located in between Mediterranean waters and the Black Sea with sharing borders with a lot other countries as well.

Turkey has been lying partly in both Asia and Europe since forever. Certainly, it wasn’t an easy job at all being Turkey. Do you want to know why it is hard to just be Turkey? Because it has a very vital geographical location. We still can’t figure it out that how she manages to be a barrier and bridge at the same time in between the two majestic continents and cultures.

Places to Visit in Turkey:

As we discussed above, Turkey is not just a place or a country. It is a whole manifesto in itself. Drifting from above the history till the current day modernization, Turkey has kept all values well. Turkey has its name in architecture already. Old byzantine and ottoman empires give each and every detail of the architecturally enriched history of the country.

Keeping all in mind, this has been confirmed that the country has to offer a wide range of attractions to the tourists. In this way, it serves the tourism industry on a wise and emerging level. Also, as per the stats, it has been observed that Turkey has been in the growth stage with its tourism industry. It is also on a continuously growing graph.

Let’s Explore More about Turkey:

Turkey is an ancient country. It is extremely nostalgic with history and enriched with art. It has monuments, showcase scenery, iconic landscape, seaside views and it never ceases the impress. Turkey is one whole thug to nail both Europe and Asia. It has a vibrant blend of both western and eastern cultures. Along with glorious steppes and the sun hiding high snow peaks.

Let’s see what places in Turkey cannot be compromised visiting:

1. Aya Sofia:

Aya Sofia museum or the Hagia Sophia museum is one of the proofs of the glory of the Byzantine era. The spellbinding pillars of Aya Sofia museum makes a verdict themselves. It is understood that this monument of heritage should be given a visit must.

The exterior minarets of the building have been created after the ottoman war. The inside views and stories preserve the culture and history of present day Turkey. It tells the old Constantinople’s tales of power and authority.


Ephesus is the colossal city of ruins and monuments. It has a wide range of multi marbled columned roads. The city has its history linked with the Roman empire of the Mediterranean region. The Ephesus, as a city, reminds us of the golden era of the Roman ages.

It will take half a day in simple sightseeing of the major views and attractions of the city. If you ever plan on visiting the Ephesus city enriched with roman history, make a bit more time. You would be able to more clearly absorb the wonders of the city.


The most surreal and swooping beauty of Cappadocia are goals. The city and its amazing views are a living dream to every photographer. The high cliffs and stone made city has an aura of its own uniqueness. The wave-like rocks and pinnacles were formed by water and wind millions of years ago. The city is such a preservative of nature.

You must go hike up the stoned surface of the city to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the magnificent city. If it doesn’t suit you, you can get a ride in hot air balloon. It must leave you in awe with the iconic views. You will find a lot of other attractions from history like the churches from the Byzantine era.

4. Topkapi Palace

The Topkapi palace comes right from the Ottoman Era. It takes you to the opulent times of the Sultans and the Khans. The sultanate empire started from here and drove towards Europe, then Middle East and then Africa. The sultanate extended rapidly.

The Palace is one of the marvels of architecture from interior as well as from the exterior. The lavish tiling and glimmering jeweled décor is an icon. These are the unforgettable power bases of the Ottoman age. The gardens surrounding the palace were not open before. They were occupied by the government. But now they have opened them for the general public and visitors as well.

5. Pamukkale:

In English, Pamukkale is often referred as the “Cotton Castle”. It has the pure white travertine terraces which makes it the most popular one from the list of natural wonders. It is a wonder indeed. The pure white snowfield sloping in between the green fields.

The travertines are also the ruins from the popular Roman Hierapolis. It was an old spa town, lying on the calcite top hill. The highlighted attraction with its roots deep from the Roman Empire gives the tourists another reason to visit the spot.

As it is considered as a world wonder, it is one of the favorite spots for the photographers. They come early morning when the travertines are glowing with as the sun rising up. Also, they come at the dusk times when the sun is sinking down. The mesmerizing view will take your breath away for sure.




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