Harbors and Cruising – Bon Voyage

Harbors and Cruising – Bon Voyage



Cruising, saying off the record, means differently in different contexts. However, when we talk about ports and harbors, cruising life! So, Bon Voyage!

Cruising has its dates back in 1857 in history, when Henry David Thoreau started his voyage on his canoe.

Cruising is lifestyle itself. If on boat, it involves a list of dangerous happenings. While traveling from place to place, you might be living for an extended time period allowed by nature to you. Might be on a vessel too. Pleasure unlimited we must say.

It is an experience, generally refers to the tours of a comparatively longer duration. Usually, a few days or maybe more. The voyage can also be extended more or may become a round the world journey by sea.

Most Popular Ports for Cruising:

Are you a cruising fan too? Even if not, we will get the adventurer out of you. The departure from the ports out into the deep ocean waters can be exciting for a few days, no? It would be a nail-bitingly exciting one hell of an adventure.

Well, if you are a sea person, you must not start your journey towards the sea by bus. It can be rather tiring for the cruise passengers in case of longer distances. Countless routes are taken by the ferries which can take you to a number of beautiful islands. The ferries can take you dream state, Italy or even the coast of northern part of Germany.

A few major ports are selected out of Europe. They are among the most frequent and the largest ports in Sweden, Germany and Italy. They are mentioned as follows:

  1. Port of Kiel
  2. Rostock – Warnemünde
  3. Port of Hamburg
  4. Port of Stockholm

Port of Kiel:

The port of Kiel is in the capital city of the most honored Schleswig-Holstein. This port is among the ideal and most crazy ports for departing for the Northern Europe. The city itself has been awarded and recognized for a number of times. It has the most modern terminals and services in the whole Europe.

It has the four piers where around 350 meters long cruise ships can be docked. This allows Kiel to be known as the third largest ports of the world. Travelers from around the world make their transfers from the Port of Kiel.

Regular Cruise Ships and their Destinations:

  1. TUI Cruises
  2. AIDA Cruises
  3. MSC Cruises
  4. Costa Cruises

Major destinations from port of Kiel are in the Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea.

Rostock – Warnemünde:

Known as one of the most important, lively and loud cruise port of Germany, Warnemünde is one big champ. It has a section known as Rostock. It has one of the most spacious and widest beaches on the Baltic Sea coast of Germany.

The infrastructure of the Cruise center of Warnemünde is a piece of art. It us one big tremendous glass and steel structure. The cruise center is designed specially to tackle up to 2500 passengers at once. Isn’t it huge?

Also, the Rostock port has a list of ferry destinations. The major ferry terminals are for the travels to and from Denmark and Sweden

Regularly departing cruise ships from Warnemünde?

  1. Norwegian Cruise Line
  2. AIDA Cruises
  3. MSC Cruises
  4. Costa Cruises
  5. TUI Cruises (began departing in 2016)

Your journey on these cruise tours must be through the Baltic Sea or the Northern Europe.

Port of Hamburg:

Hamburg is a city of ultimate cruise destinations. Port of Hamburg is a destination to a number of ferry lines and also for the cruise ships.

When you think of the Hamburg port, all you must remember is a large number of huge ships, cranes and containers. As far as the eyes are able to see, the sight is gigantic and inspiring.

You must be worried if the port will take you to the dangerous sea. Even if you aren’t planning a cruise trip or a ferry ride, you can still go and see the marvels of the gigantic Port of Hamburg. It is highly recommended to visit the port of Hamburg once in a lifetime.

You can be transported to be boarded in the cruise ships. Also you can cross the Elbe. They have a historic underground tunnel i.e. Elbe Tunnel which takes you to the excursion ships.

Regularly departing cruise ships from Port of Hamburg:

  1. Norwegian Cruise Line
  2. TUI Cruises
  3. MSC Cruises
  4. Costa Cruises
  5. AZ Amara Cruises

Most of the cruise ships from the Port of Hamburg are destined towards the Western and Northern Europe.

Port of Stockholm:

Stockholm, being the Sweden’s capital, isn’t only famous for its majestic landscapes and views. But also it is popular for its port. It stop up to 300 cruise ships around the year. The cruise tours are well connected with the Baltic Sea ferry system.

Also, the cruise ship tours offer a lot more than just a journey by sea. While traveling towards or away from the Stockholm port, you will be treated with a sherry, scenic and iconic landscape views of the city. It is probably the best part of departing from Stockholm.

Regularly departing cruise ships from Port of Hamburg:

  1. Norwegian Cruise Line
  2. AIDA Cruises

And many more of the cruise tour companies also serve at the Stockholm port. The destination is the Northern Sea and the routes are connect through the Baltic Sea.

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