Popular Beaches In The World

Popular Beaches in the World


Beaches are most commonly also known as seashore. This word is usually associated while describing a beach. Usually the beaches are meant to be formed by the sea. However, a few beaches are also formed by large lakes and alongside longer rivers.

According to different geologists, a beach is defined as:

“A system formed by natural forces like waves and water currents; the rocks are moved and placed onshore, offshore and even along the shore.”

Types of Beaches:

1. Naturally formed:

Some beaches are formed naturally. They are found as genuinely beautiful and mesmerizing. They are often developed to a certain level that the essence of nature remains in their occurrence.

2. Wild:

There are certain beaches in the world which remain undiscovered. Such undeveloped beaches are also known as wild beaches. Such beaches are often not maintained at all. However, they must be appreciated for the beauty they preserve is pure form of untouched nature.


There are certain beaches famous for their infrastructure or architecture. They often possess changing rooms, lifeguards, showers, shacks and bars as well. No offense but these beaches are mostly resorts and hospitality spots like camps and hotels.

Sections of a Beach:

Geologically, a beach or most of the beaches around the globe comprises four sections:

1. Swash:

The part of beach is called Swash zone. The swash zone is mostly the part of the beach which remains covered with wave’s run-up.


Face or beach face is the part that comes after the swash. It is alternatively covered and exposed by the waves of the waters.

3. Wrack Line:

This part of beach comes after the beach face. This part is the highest reach of the wave’s water or the tides. The organic or inorganic particles and debris is deposited there mostly.


The last and the sandiest area or the beach is called berm. It remains dry even if the tides and waves are comparatively higher. Some beaches have higher sand dunes in their berm part.

Most Popular Beaches of the World:

With the temperatures decreasing at the Northern Hemisphere, the skies become breath-taking. Also, the beaches under those skies. After all, the natives, travelers and even tourists wait for the skies to get perfect grey. So that the magnificent beaches under grey skies can be enjoyed.

But even a large number of visitors, it has been harder to discuss which beach is best or which should be ranked highest amongst all. Almost all the popular beaches are present at the world’s recognized and known holiday destinations. Let’s discuss them.


Protected by the Whitsunday Islands National Park, lies the mesmerizing and scenic Whitehaven Beach. It is found at a central position in the Great Barrier Reef. It is one of the most famous beaches in the beautiful Australia. It stretches about 4.4 miles which is around 7 kilometers.

The water is so clean and gives out such colorful impact. Turquoise, green and blue water swirls around the shore. The sand is has white silica particles in abundance i.e. 98%.Also, the sand imparts a luminescent yet colorful picture.

As the beach is an island, you must take a helicopter or seaplane to reach there. However, you can also sail to the beach by getting a yacht from the excursions in the nearby places.


Talking about beaches, Long beach in Vancouver has conquered over the hearts of so many travelers till day. This Canadian can get almost everyone speechless. Offering a number of eye-popping iconic scenes, this beach has an unmatched level of maritime beauty.

The Long beach runs the sand for about 10 miles or 16 kilometers. This 10 mile runway has a number of lush rainforests. It is also said that about twenty thousand grey whales migrate from this beach each spring and summer.


No doubt Cape Town is one of the most popular holiday destination. However, it doesn’t have just one reason for it. A variety of natural beaches are present in Cape Town. Camps Bay is the only beach from the Cape Town which comes up to the level of an urban beach.

Camps Bay is located in South Africa alongside the borders of the Atlantic Ocean. The beach gives out a number of scenes and views. The water is mostly cold as per the currents from the mighty Atlantic. The beach surrounds the range of twelve Apostles gigantic mountains, such as: Table Mountain.


If photographers talk about dreams come true, then this beach is the ultimate desire and destination. Alongside the paradisiacal shore of the Indian Ocean is the beautiful Anse Source d’Argent beach. The beach sand is blindingly white and soothing. Due to the enormous backdrops of granite boulders, the beach sparkles and gives out a soothing scene.

There is an offshore reef which is planted to give protection from the deadly waves. The clean turquoise water provides a healthy spot for swimming as well. However, beware of the giant tortoises and birds.


Maya Bay is the ultimate destination for holidays. Even the beach was used as a film shooting spot too. The beach is extremely beautiful with a white sand ring surrounded by limestone walls. These mangroves cliffs are covered with thick foliage as well.

The main beach of Maya Bay has silky soft sand, white in color. It possesses the colorful underwater corals. You can see the fish swimming through the purely clean waters. The length of the beach is about 200 meters i.e. around 650 feet.





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