Where To Go For A Thermal Bath

Where to Go For a Thermal Bath

Thermal Bath:

Thermal bath is a kind of soaking the human body in the fresh water in order to have relax. Usually, thermal bath refers to the relaxing and rehabilitation. It is one kind of the therapeutic acts. Thermal baths were mostly practiced by the Judaists.

Also, the history of thermal baths is found in the old day Budapest. The history of thermal baths links to the ancient times when man started to have the concept of clothing.


Need to relax? Yalla Budapest! It will be always there for you. One of the European cities famous for night life. The “City of Spas and Thermal baths” has over 125 relaxing spots where you can find your dream destination for peace.

Budapest will give you Nirvana! The city is the capital of Hungary and located at the most soothing spot on the planet earth. It is found on a patchwork of about 125 thermal bath springs. “Taking the waters” has become the Budapest nature now.

It is considered as a part of everyday life for the people there. People have been doing thermal bathing since the time they learned to wear clothes. Mostly, the nativity of thermal bathing has its dates in the Turkish times. It was a part of occupation in turkey.

Therapeutic Nature of Thermal Baths:

Thermal baths are taken as the best cure in Budapest. Also, there are therapists practicing acupuncture for a long time. They suggest thermal bath to be more therapeutic as compared to the medicines itself. It is a concept to create peace of mind and purity of soul.

Thermal bath is taken as a therapy for the addicts and also as a cure in rehabilitation centers. The heated water brings up the painful symptoms in the human body and human organs. The bubbles are created when the sun rays mixed with the ozone particles enters the heated water of the thermal bath stream, spring or even tub. It generates the heating experience.

Thermal bathsareusually taken individually in the form of immersion. They are also taken with or without water jets in a pool.

What to Know Before You Just Go for a Thermal Bath?

Well, the immense experience deserves an experience once in a while. Isn’t it? So before you go you need to know a lot of facts about the spa spots.

You must have concerns about the timings, safety, hygiene and the gender preference before visiting the spa spots.

Well, first of all, be prepared about the fact that you have to rest a bathing suit or a pair of towels for after-use.

Do check the timings before visiting of course. Some thermal bathing spots open early mornings. Some close in the early evenings. Also, a few of them are open till nights. Some spa and thermal bath places open early but the bath you need has separate or specific timings.

You should also take a pair of flips flops or a pair of plastic slippers along. The floors are also often slippery due to constant use. The package for 1.5-2 hours would cost you a minimum of 2400 Forints. So, these are a few facts you must know before leaving just directly.

Types of Thermal Baths – Choose Wisely:

The bath you are going to choose is obviously going to be your preference on personal level. However, if you are new, we would suggest you read a bit about the baths and their kinds. What will happen in the bathing process and what purpose is the bath actually for. These are the common concerns of the newbies basically.

If you are one, certainly you should be considering all the information about the kinds or purposes of the thermal bath discussed as follows:

1. Rudas Bath:

The popular Rudas bath of the Budapest is the mostly taken. It is usually taken in an octagonal pool. These Rudas baths are men-only in the weekdays. While during the weekends, they have mixed nights for both genders.

2. Gellert Bath:

Woah, want to take a dip in the cathedral? Isn’t it ironic? Well, the Art Nouveau Gellert baths are amazing. They are now open for all time of the day. Also, they’re open for both men and well. The most ironic part is that the thermal bath spot has the most amazing indoor swimming pools in the whole city.

3. Szechenyi Bath:

It is huge. The Szechenyi baths are gigantic and you must know. They can boast up about 15 thermal baths along with three swimming pools. The water is kept mostly up to 38°C. You would have a nirvana kind of experience which feels like a hot wedding cake building.

4. VeliBej Bath:

Want to experience something old along with something equally new at the same time? Well, it is here. Your very old and new experience. The VeliBej bath has been renovated in 2011. It is a crazy, vulnerable Turkish bath and you must experience. It has five thermal bath pools. Also, original clay pipes are used for pumping the water in.

5. Lukacs Bath:

The Lukacs baths are the medicine baths. They are meant to heal you. They are famous for curing just everything. From spinal aches, deformation to the back bone dislocation. Also, don’t forget the calcium deficiency. Lukacs bath with heal you from within as it never happened before. So what do you say about a serious self-spoiling spa day?

6. Danubius Health Spa Margitsziget:

What do you say about a rather pampering experience? It is okay to be a bit spoiled, no? After all, you only live once.

The healing Danubius Health Spa Margitsziget is located on the Margaret Island and the facilities there are quite modern. They offer a variety of special treatments and the choice is epic. So, why not get a bit of preening someday?

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