Five Most Famous Tourist Attractions in Pakistan

Top Five Most Famous Tourist Attractions in Pakistan


Pakistan; officially names as “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”; founded on August 14th, 1947 with an extremely euphoric traditional, cultural, economic and political history. Having its roots deeply engraved with cultural heritage already is the most important fact that Pakistan is known globally for. However, this is not the only fact that Pakistan is famous for.


As an agri-based country, Pakistan is known worldwide for its high quality agricultural products such as: cotton, rice, and fruits, even dry fruits and what not.

What if I say Pakistan is still just not it that you should know about Pakistan?

Pakistan and its Geographical Significance:

Yes, what we discussed above is certainly not all you should know about Pakistan. As you might know, geographically Pakistan is located at the most desirable location on the world map. 

Geographically, Pakistan is located at the most central location i.e. South Asia. This, location presence makes it significant in way that it is a considerable distance from both equator and also from the North Pole. Thus, Pakistan has to offer a variety of climatic conditions throughout the year. Going from the extreme south i.e. Arabian sea till the extreme north i.e. the mighty ranges of Himalayan Mountains; Pakistan has to offer a variety of climate.

Tourism in Pakistan:

Due to these climates of Pakistan, it makes it even more suitable for the tourism industry to stay continuously on. Pakistan again has to offer a variety of scenery and nature according to what quarter and month of the year it is.

Tourism industry keeps on growing in Pakistan as it has historic presence, cultural heritage, ports, plains, plateau regions, valleys and also the mountainous regions. The tourists from Pakistan itself and foreign countries keep on traveling to its northern areas round the year to absorb the scenic natural beauty which is why it won’t be wrong if Pakistan is considered to be the king of nature within Asia.

Five Most Famous Tourists Attractions in Pakistan:

Can’t wait to know which should be your destination in Pakistan first? We bet you would be more than thrilled to know that there is a lot more to show as dream destinations within Pakistan. However, we have come to decide which should be discussed as most scenic, most adventurous, most worthwhile go-to places in Pakistan that you must visit.

1.Deosai National Park:

In the native Urdu language, Deosai means “The Land of Giants”. In the Balti language, its name is Ghabiarsa which means “summer’s land” as you can only access it in the summer season in Pakistan i.e. in between the months of May and October.

The Deosai National Park is located in the picturesque and awe-inspiring valleys of Skardu and Astore valleys in Baltistan region of northern Pakistan.

Deosai is considered as the second highest plateau of the world after the first one in Tibet covering an area of 3000 sq. km.

It takes a 45 minutes air travel from Islamabad to Skardu and a 1 hour drive from Skardu to Deosai by taking the Sadpara route.

2. Pakistan - China Border:

Situated at the altitude of 4600 meters above the sea level, you will find the most beautiful border in the world and certainly in Pakistan i.e. Pak-China Border.

Pak-China border is a crossing over the Khunjerab Pass going through the 8th wonder of the world i.e. the Korakoram Highway with a treat of countless scenes and majestic snow covered peaks. Also, you will find the world’s highest ATM there.

The place is also known as the Korakoram National Park which is considered to be the spot between earth and heaven covered in the clouds. This park is the host to majestic mountains like K2 and Broad Peak. The park is known for great tourist attraction due to being the host to snow covered mountains and the largest glacial system outside the Polar region.

3. Hingol National Park:

You can reach theHingol or Hungol National Park by passing through the Makran Coastal Highway which links the Hingol, Balochistan region with Karachi. It was established on 1988 and carries a large amount of tourist attraction as it is one of the few historic places in Gawadar, Balochistan.

Covering the area of almost 6100 sq. km., Hingol National Park is home to the mud volcanoes and well-crafted beautiful natural landscapes.

4. Gorakh Hill Station:

Considered to be the awe-inspiring beautiful “Murree of Sind” is the Gorakh Hill Station. The Gorakh Hill Station is situation inthe southern district of the Sind province in between the scenic and naturally crafted Kirthar Mountain ranges.

At a height of about 5700 ft. above the sea level, the hill station is located at a distance of 94 km northwest of the Dadu city.

It receives snowfall in the winter season and is famous for trekking and its beautiful sunsets leaving the sky with a golden hue. For this reason, it is also named as “Golden Valley”.

5. Attabad Lake:

Attabad Lake is a clear fresh water lake formed naturally by the Attabad Disaster in the Hunza valley. It is located in the Gojal valley of Hunza in the Gilgit region of Pakistan.

Extending to a length of 21 km, the lake was created by the glacial landslide disaster back in January 2010 resulting

The boat ride in turquoise clear water of the lake gives out a feel of serenity and peace while the scenic mountainous view leaves you in awe. There are most facilities like jet ski too but the ambiance is so calm you would want the time to not pass soon.

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