Everything You Need To Know About Your Dream Destinations

Everything You Need To Know About Your Dream Destinations


Are you one of us too? What would you call yourself? A travel freak, wanderlust, adventuresome or even just an explorer?

Whoever you are or whichever place you want to explore, you should always have a brief knowledge of your intended destination. Obviously, that is what tour advisories are for.

Headed to a new destination? Keeping in mind the climatic, economic or even political conditions of any country can change anytime. Your first step before planning a trip should always be this: Contact any travel agency or the tour advisory board of your state, as almost every state has one.


There are different aspects to tourism. Some believe it is an activity for leisure, while some consider this tour guide practice as a business.

What we would suggest?

Tourism is considered an extremely healthy and refreshing activity where exploring new places and experiencing other worlds inside the earth.

In simple words; visiting various places to practice new and different experiences regarding culture, traditions for getting a feel of adventure and pleasure is called Tourism.

On the other hand; Tourism is taken a business by those who practice touring regularly and help new people in exploring various destinations in exchange of some monetary benefits.


A tourist is generally defined as a person who travels to an unknown destination for pleasure and leisure in order to spend his/her holidays or vacations well.

Usually those destinations are any far flung area in their own country and even any foreign country.

Who Should You Contact For Just The Right Guide For A Trip?

In case you are headed to somewhere new and you need help, let us explain where you can get all the answers. There are multiple organizations and individuals on government and private level working hard for making your trips easy, enjoyable and most importantly, safe.

Tourist Advisory Board:

In this era; as touring has become more of a hobby and tourism brings great revenue along; even governments on the state level have started to invest widely in tourism industry. Establishment of Tourists Advisory Boards and Tourism Advisory Councils in one of the initiative taken by government to support this industry.

Advisory boards or councils are maintained and regulated by the state government. In it usually suggested to contact the advisories of respective countries before planning any trip abroad.

Tour Agency:

As we discussed, tourism is spreading widely over the globe, it has opened a big market for business as well. Tour agencies are the organizations regulating on private level registered or licensed by the state government commonly.

Tour agencies guide you on your trips and also provide a worry-free package for your adventuresome trip towards your destination.

Trip Guides:

Trip guides are most commonly the experiences travel freaks. Such people who are passionate about tourism and adventure. They are open to new experiences and are working on individual level to be the ultimate for those who want to travel to any specific location or any holiday destination just for leisure. Basically, they are the guides to the tourists.

Global Network:

In the present day era of 21st century, the whole world is just about a few clicks away. Wouldn’t you agree? You want to talk to someone and all you can is pick your gadgets and make a call. You want to see them and you can share pictures with them and vice versa. You even can make a video call in order to have a live face-time. This world has indeed become a global village, everything is just one click away.

On the contrary, tourism is where these facilities of globalization fail. Obviously, it is for the globalization to enhance trips. But this global network of ours cannot bring those scenic views, those vast stretching valleys and meadows to us. It is going to be us, as tourists, visiting, exploring and experiencing always.

The Mighty Continents:

Although the planet earth’s 2/3rd portion is covered with water i.e. oceans; the 1/3rd of the earth is still the land and that comprises of seven mighty and vast-stretching, breathe-taking scenic continents. All of them are special in their own way when it comes to awe-inspiring landscapes and picturesque beauty.


When we say Asia, it becomes generically clear that it has all. Rich in art, culture, agriculture and history; Asia has become a whole new world of its own. The world’s largest continent Asia is surely more than enough to spend a lifetime describing. And we can guaranty, you won’t regret.

Asia is truly a universal remedy if we talk about tourism and best holiday destinations. From wide spread and stretched landscapes to world’s highest mountains; Asia has them all. The Jack of all trades, Asia excels in natural beauty. Blessed if you are an Asian and if not, visit Asian countries must if you still haven’t. So what is your next destination in Asia?

Ten Must Go-To Cities in Asia:

Guess you having issues with what to choose and what not to choose. We would make the choice easy. Here is the list of the five must Go-To cities in Asia:

  1. Bali, Indonesia
  2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  3. Bangkok, Thailand
  4. Beijing, China
  5. Goa, India
  6. Kyoto, Japan
  7. Da Nang, Vietnam
  8. Islamabad, Pakistan
  9. Colombo, Sri Lanka
  10. Bora Bora, Maldives


Europe, although, is the 2nd smallest continent as per the area and the 3rd most populous continent in the world but surely it has a name of its own. The greatest land spread was linked with Asia. It got mostly separated from Asia in the mid of 19th century by the ocean water, most significantly by the waters from Ural River, Caspian Sea and the Black Sea.

The name of the continent was suggested after the name of a princess in Greek mythology i.e. “Europa”.Europe, as a scenic yet small continent comprises of quite a large number of states within. These states are actual keepers of the landscape beauty and well-crafted historic monarchs.

Europe is a cosmopolitan continent with its states emerging in technology while enriched with art, cultural heritage and history.

Ten Must Go-To Cities in Europe:

You would keep on travelling and the majestic continent just would not end. It will keep on inspiring you. It will be leaving you in awe wherever you move next. Let us suggest you what you should not miss if you ever plan for visiting Europe. Here comes the list:

  1. Paris, France
  2. Berlin, Germany
  3. Rome, Italy
  4. London, England
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  6. Oslo, Norway
  7. Stockholm, Sweden
  8. Budapest, Hungary
  9. Fira, Greece
  10. Brussels, Belgium

Apart from these, don’t ever miss SPAIN!

North America:

North America is the home to a number of cultures and breeds. Most of the times it is confused as a subcontinent of the other continent, Americas. The continent is located completely in the Northern Hemisphere while mostly in the Western Hemisphere. The land area of the planet earth is covered 16% with the North America.

This continent is just so huge that it shelters about twenty three countries within. It is also home to big urban and metropolis states. That is why, it is considered as the fourth most populous continent of the world.

You would be shocked to know that there are eight different climate regions or zones within the whole of North America. These climate zones which vary from Alpine to coniferous, deciduous to Mediterranean, or even rainforest regions to Tundra, and even grasslands and desert regions too.

Top Ten Cities to Visit in North America:

  1. San Francisco, United States
  2. Chicago, United States
  3. Las Vegas, United States
  4. Havana, Cuba
  5. Toronto, Canada
  6. Vancouver, Canada
  7. Montreal, Canada
  8. Alaska, United States
  9. Calgary, Canada
  10. Denver, United States

Also, don’t miss the city of the breath-taking beaches and a vast spread skyline, Miami!

South America:

This continent is also known as a subcontinent of the Americas. South America is located on the Northern Hemisphere and mostly found in the Southern Hemisphere. South America is also home to a diverse variety of cultures. Most widely found cultures in the continent are Spanish, Portuguese and French.

You would find the continent beautifully and artistically crafted. It has a number of immense waterfalls, snow covered mountain peaks, the extremely calm riversides and the mighty sea with even more iconic beaches. Talking about diverse nature of the continent’s landscapes, it has one of the world’s known desert, Atacama Desert.

South America has about fifteen countries residing under its umbrella. As the continent is surrounded by the waters, it has signed a number of treaties regarding easy and healthy trades. Okay, we are not going to tell you all until you should travel yourself.

South America has a number of wonders to offer you as a traveler. We are sure you can’t wait to dance to the Cuban rhythm, trek the beautiful Andes and enjoy the marvels of the Carnival at Rio.

Top Ten City Attractions in South America:

South America is sometimes ignored due to the gigantic attractions that North America has to offer. Thus, we came up with a list of must-to-see cities in the South America.

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  2. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  3. Santiago, Chile
  4. Lima, Peru
  5. Sao Paulo, Brazil
  6. Caracas, Venezuela
  7. Quito, Ecuador
  8. Santa Marta, Colombia
  9. Belém, Brazil
  10. Cuenca, Ecuador


While we talk about traveling and the whole of the world, we can’t miss the thought of Oceania. The name Oceania is derived from a Latin word “Oceanus” which meant creating the link between lands. Since the whole talk is going on regarding world and its wonder, Oceania is one of a kind too.

Talking about travel destinations and magical places, this continent cannot be left behind. It offers a great deal of awe to all its visitors. Oceania has a total of fifteen countries and twenty nine diverse languages. Its location is spanning from Eastern and Western hemispheres of the planet earth.

Oceania is simply marvelous of an ocean. If we talk about marine life or even landmarks, it has all and will surely give a breath-taking feel. Scenic beaches and up high mountains, it is surely a full package for the travelers.

Top Ten Cities in Oceania:

  1. Wellington, New Zealand
  2. Perth, Australia
  3. Sydney, Australia
  4. Melbourne, Australia
  5. Queenstown, New Zealand
  6. Auckland, New Zealand
  7. Suva, Fiji
  8. Nuku’alofa, Tonga
  9. Noumea, Caledonia
  10. Funafuti, Tavula


Africa is commonly considered as the most deprived of all the continents on earth. Well, that is true. But this is also true that it has some scenic beauty. The Mother Nature has blessed this continent with so many awe-inspiring landscapes within.

Africa is right after Asia in population and area. It is the second largest continent of the world according to both area and population. It also has the largest list of countries being sheltered within its premises. Yes, there are fifty four sovereign countries in Africa.

It is its 3/4th boundaries with the waters from Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and also the Indian Ocean. Also, the largest river of the World i.e. Nile passes through it.

Top Ten Must-to-visit Cities in Africa:

Cutting the whole story short, we would not keep you waiting. Let’s have the list to all the exciting cities within Africa:

  1. Cape Town, South Africa
  2. Accra, Ghana
  3. Nairobi, Kenya
  4. Cairo, Egypt
  5. Algiers, Algeria
  6. Marrakech, Morocco
  7. Johannesburg, South Africa
  8. Luanda, Angola
  9. Maputo, Mozambique
  10. Casablanca, Morocco


The main purpose of the discussion was to give you a complete bird’s eye view of what the world is. If you are planning to travel around, this might help you make the right choices. Also, it might guide you of where to start with. This must be a treat for all the travel lovers from another travel freak across the world.

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