Five Cities Popular For Architectural Heritage

Five Cities Popular For Architectural Heritage:


Let’s start learning about the architecture. What say?


The word Architecture has been derived from the Latin word “Architectura”.


The word “Architect” has been derived from some of the Greek mythology. First half of the word means “Chief” and the other half of the word means “Creator”. Thus, an architect means the chief creator.

Architecture Definition:

Referring from different definitions, architect is describes as follows:

“Architecture is known as both a process and also an outcome. It is a process of planning, designing, shaping and constructing the buildings and other infrastructures. It is also the outcome of the same.”


The history of architecture can be dug down to the early pyrimidine days. The roots of architectural history has been linked with the oldest ottoman and roman empires. Now a days, we are studying modern day architecture. However, it seems even as older as man itself.

Architecture is no more just a term now. Architecture has preserved so much of history and art till date. Thus, it is more like a heritage and preserver of culture and history itself.

Architecture & Art:

Simply saying;

“Art is the way a human decides to express his imaginative and conceptual ideas.”

Architecture and art have been growing and moving side by side since early times. People, historians and architects have been thinking the styles for the buildings. While, they create something out of those thoughts and ideas, it is called architecture. This is how art and architecture have stayed parallel since ancient times till day.

Styles of Architecture:

Since the early ancient days of mankind till the current day; architect has been evolving and changing trends continuously. Let’s see how it has changed over the time:

  1. Classical & Neo-Classic
  2. Gothic & Gothic Revival
  3. Victorian
  4. Ancient Roman & Romanesque
  5. Byzantine or Ottoman
  6. Greek & Greek Revival
  7. Renaissance
  8. Vernacular
  9. Prairie School
  10. Modern and International

And a lot more styles that would require an amount of time to list down all.

Five Cities Popular For Their Architectural Heritage:

We have been talking about architecture for a long time. Now you must want to know where to find these styles. Also, which piece of history or is the exact description of art and architecture. Let us discuss further about the infrastructure these days.

1.      Athens, Greece

Athens in the Greece is one of the most renowned spot for the ancient ruins. It is famous for the sad beauty is has in the old ruins. The stonework found is having its roots back to the 400 BC days. If you ever happen to see the architecture in Greece, it will take you totally back into the ancient classical history.

Athens excels in the classical style of the architecture. When it comes to heritage Athens has stonework, temples, sculptures etc. Temples are with ancient columns. Must so see architectural pieces in Athens are:

  1. Temple of Olympian Zeus
  2. Temple of Hephaestus
  3. Parthenon
  4. Temple of Athena
  5. Erechtheum

Athens is one the world’s oldest cities. Athens has created the classical style of its own. Thus, the foundations of modern day architecture was laid by it too.

2.      Rome, Italy:

While we talk about architecture, culture or art; we can never forget Rome. If you would even search about architecture, you will be taken back to the Rome and its historical iconic pieces.

In architectural history, Roman Empire is engraved till the worlds to come too. The romans were great innovators of Baroque, Romanesque, Renaissance and Gothic styles in architecture. It was the romans who invented the dome and the arch. They used concrete in such perfect manners.

We would suggest you must go see the Incredibles of history in Rome once in a lifetime. The Rome is shelter to these iconic pieces:

  1. Colosseum

  2. The Pantheon

  3. The Pont du Gard

  4. The famous thermal bathhouses

  5. Peter's Square

  6. Santi Luca e Martina

  7. Trevi Foundation

3. St. Petersburg, Russia:

Rococo movement was introduced back in the 18th century. France was striving to fight against the Baroque style and its symmetrical designs. People is France had to make an identity in architecture for themselves.

Rococo style has an identity of its own. It has its own variety of elements. These elements are:

  1. Thick curves
  2. Pale colors
  3. Secular themes
  4. Light and soft themes

Soon the style started spreading across the whole of Europe. The style has to offer a feel for the viewers.

Its most important art pieces are:

  1. State Hermitage Museum
  2. The Catherine Palace
  3. Peterhof
  4. Peter and Paul Fortress
  5. Winter Palace
  6. Nevsky Avenue

4.      Brasília, Brazil:

Brasilia is Brazil has a futuristic form of architectural offering. The architectural style in Brazil is futurism. With the election of President Juscelino Kubitschek back in 1956, he wanted to build a new capital for the country.

Architect Oscar Niemeyer was to help with the project and Brasilia was born this way. Later, the architect proposed designed for all kinds of infrastructure for the new town i.e.

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. buildings

A few major workpieces of art by Oscar Niemeyer are the following:

  1. National Congress of Brazil
  2. The Cathedral of Brasília
  3. President’s residence
  4. Attorney General's office

5.      Munich, Germany:

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, Germany. Are you wondering what Munich has to offer? Well, it is the heart Bavaria. Let’s assure you that it has countless pieces of architectural and historical workpieces for you to see. It is one of the most metropolis cities of Germany.

Famous places to see in Munich are:

  1. The most famous beer hall in Munich,Hofbräuhaus
  2. Marienplatz, walking through there will leave you in peace certainly
  3. St Peters Cathedral
  4. Allianz Arena
  5. Grünwalder Stadium
  6. Bavarian State Chancellery


Well, this was certainly enough to go down the history, art and architectural lane.

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