Let’s Get Amused

Let’s Get Amused:

Amusement Park:

Amusement parks are the central place for various kinds of adrenaline challenges. It includes games, rides and other various entertainment events. Usually amusement parks are also known as theme parks but there is a basic difference.

Theme parks are those amusement parks, which are centrally based on any theme. Mostly the themes are over any animated cartoon series or the movies. Moreover, the amusement parks have a lot more to offer. Such as carnivals, festivals and playgrounds.

Amusements Parks in the World:

There are a variety of amusement spots in the world. Most of them are based in either United States or in the Europe. However, the number of amusement parks in the Europe is comparatively more than the parks in that of U.S.

So, if you are an adrenaline junkie or want to experience something breathtaking, visit the amusement park. Let us bring some thrill in life and not sit back.

Well, in Europe, did you know they have a FlixBus? The flixbus takes you almost every kind of destination. It can be a hiking spot, a theme park, a thermal bath spot, beaches or any other holiday place. Also, they have a guide set out for those who need help and are new in the European region.

Some of the most famous amusement parks in the world are listed as follows:

  1. Europa Park
  2. Disneyland Paris
  3. Heide Park
  4. Hansa Park

Europa Park:

Europe’s most famous and the most amazing amusement park is what you are reading about. Yes, it is Europa Park. The unique personality and one of a kind version of the park appeals the visitors like nothing else.

The continent-wide approach attracts the visitors visiting from every nook and corner of the world. Where can you see a mix of all? Especially when it is about the taste of 14 different countries. Under one boundary, one place, in one day, Europa Park will give you a thrilling experience of 14 different countries.

The park has incorporated an essence and cultural blend of the 14 different European states. It has created an atmosphere unique in its way. The park has section and each section represents a country according to its specific theme. It includes a cultural blend, artistic heritage, architecture, engineering workpieces, adventure and all that should be.

With a blend of every other country within, the Europa Park also describes the European culture in an actually detailed way. The restaurants and show of all kinds reflects the European culture. It also offers wild rides and thrilling games. Plan a day and it will take you away!


As far as the generations involved, Disneyland is the most visited amusement park and tourist destination of United States and also of the Paris in France. Won’t you agree? There are two major divisions in the Disneyland Paris. One is Disneyland Park and the other one is called Walt Disney Studio Park.

The park offers a variety of attractions in the form of shops, games, rides, themed restaurants and also the resort. You would be amazed to know that there were 14 million visitors alone in 2014 at the resort in Disneyland.

There are almost 56 shops, about 54 impressive attractions and a total of 69 themes restaurants in the Disneyland Paris. There are five unique themes to serve visitors of all ages. Also, there goes a fireworks display over the Sleeping beauty’s castle. Only the lucky ones get to see it though.

The major attractions and thrilling rides here in Disneyland Paris is the rollercoaster. It will make you live up to your expectations. The theme characters, childhood dreams, all has been given a new life. You will see when you will visit. Good thrills!

Heide Park:

Talking about Germany, Heide Park is also one of the biggest theme amusement parks of Germany. It is to be found in Soltau in case you want to visit. It will make you choose from 42 crazy rides. The rides are going to challenge your adrenaline. It is surely going to be a hell crazy adventure.

So, you still craving for some more thrill? We got you a whole ton of crazy baggage. The Heide Park has the highest and fastest wooden rollercoaster out of the whole Europe. Also, the world’s highest drop tower. So, just hold tight and fasten your seat belts. It is going be a crazy ride.

9 of the 42 rides are thrilling and crazy. While there is a lot more for everyone. A little of everything will be found in Heide Park. It is the complete package in one place.

Hansa Park:

Hansa Park is another treat for the adrenaline junkies. It is an amusement park along the coast of Germany’s seaside. The Hansa Park has won a lot of awards previously. It is the only park to be recognized with multi-award winning capacity.

Hansa Park offers a wide range of attractions along which includes the fastest rollercoaster within the Germany. A total of 125 attractions have a variety for all. Which means that you are covered in any way. The park has its own place in the history as well. It has its architecture and theme based on the European Hanseatic League of Middles ages.

The park is actually located along the Baltic Sea coast. Thus, it offers a great deal in beautiful scenery and countless fun screams. The park is home to thrill and adventure with all kinds of fun and crazy rides and games. Also, is has a Cinema that plays 4D movies.

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