Harbors and Cruising – Bon Voyage

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Harbors and Cruising – Bon Voyage



Cruising, saying off the record, means differently in different contexts. However, when we talk about ports and harbors, cruising life! So, Bon Voyage!

Cruising has its dates back in 1857 in history, when Henry David Thoreau started his voyage on his canoe.

Cruising is lifestyle itself. If on boat, it involves a list of dangerous happenings. While traveling from place to place, you might be living for an extended time period allowed by nature to you. Might be on a vessel too. Pleasure unlimited we must say.

It is an experience, generally refers to the tours of a comparatively longer duration. Usually, a few days or maybe more. The voyage can also be extended more or may become a round the world journey by sea.

Most Popular Ports for Cruising:

Are you a cruising fan too? Even if not, we will get the adventurer out of you. The departure from the ports out into the deep ocean waters can be exciting for a few days, no? It would be a nail-bitingly exciting one hell of an adventure.

Well, if you are a sea person, you must not start your journey towards the sea by bus. It can be rather tiring for the cruise passengers in case of longer distances. Countless routes are taken by the ferries which can take you to a number of beautiful islands. The ferries can take you dream state, Italy or even the coast of northern part of Germany.

A few major ports are selected out of Europe. They are among the most frequent and the largest ports in Sweden, Germany and Italy. They are mentioned as follows:

  1. Port of Kiel
  2. Rostock – Warnemünde
  3. Port of Hamburg
  4. Port of Stockholm

Port of Kiel:

The port of Kiel is in the capital city of the most honored Schleswig-Holstein. This port is among the ideal and most crazy ports for departing for the Northern Europe. The city itself has been awarded and recognized for a number of times. It has the most modern terminals and services in the whole Europe.

It has the four piers where around 350 meters long cruise ships can be docked. This allows Kiel to be known as the third largest ports of the world. Travelers from around the world make their transfers from the Port of Kiel.

Regular Cruise Ships and their Destinations:

  1. TUI Cruises
  2. AIDA Cruises
  3. MSC Cruises
  4. Costa Cruises

Major destinations from port of Kiel are in the Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea.

Rostock – Warnemünde:

Known as one of the most important, lively and loud cruise port of Germany, Warnemünde is one big champ. It has a section known as Rostock. It has one of the most spacious and widest beaches on the Baltic Sea coast of Germany.

The infrastructure of the Cruise center of Warnemünde is a piece of art. It us one big tremendous glass and steel structure. The cruise center is designed specially to tackle up to 2500 passengers at once. Isn’t it huge?

Also, the Rostock port has a list of ferry destinations. The major ferry terminals are for the travels to and from Denmark and Sweden

Regularly departing cruise ships from Warnemünde?

  1. Norwegian Cruise Line
  2. AIDA Cruises
  3. MSC Cruises
  4. Costa Cruises
  5. TUI Cruises (began departing in 2016)

Your journey on these cruise tours must be through the Baltic Sea or the Northern Europe.

Port of Hamburg:

Hamburg is a city of ultimate cruise destinations. Port of Hamburg is a destination to a number of ferry lines and also for the cruise ships.

When you think of the Hamburg port, all you must remember is a large number of huge ships, cranes and containers. As far as the eyes are able to see, the sight is gigantic and inspiring.

You must be worried if the port will take you to the dangerous sea. Even if you aren’t planning a cruise trip or a ferry ride, you can still go and see the marvels of the gigantic Port of Hamburg. It is highly recommended to visit the port of Hamburg once in a lifetime.

You can be transported to be boarded in the cruise ships. Also you can cross the Elbe. They have a historic underground tunnel i.e. Elbe Tunnel which takes you to the excursion ships.

Regularly departing cruise ships from Port of Hamburg:

  1. Norwegian Cruise Line
  2. TUI Cruises
  3. MSC Cruises
  4. Costa Cruises
  5. AZ Amara Cruises

Most of the cruise ships from the Port of Hamburg are destined towards the Western and Northern Europe.

Port of Stockholm:

Stockholm, being the Sweden’s capital, isn’t only famous for its majestic landscapes and views. But also it is popular for its port. It stop up to 300 cruise ships around the year. The cruise tours are well connected with the Baltic Sea ferry system.

Also, the cruise ship tours offer a lot more than just a journey by sea. While traveling towards or away from the Stockholm port, you will be treated with a sherry, scenic and iconic landscape views of the city. It is probably the best part of departing from Stockholm.

Regularly departing cruise ships from Port of Hamburg:

  1. Norwegian Cruise Line
  2. AIDA Cruises

And many more of the cruise tour companies also serve at the Stockholm port. The destination is the Northern Sea and the routes are connect through the Baltic Sea.

Exploring Turkey

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Exploring Turkey:


Turkey is a wonder of its own. It is a mixed blend of European and Asian cultures. It harmonizes with both western and eastern cultures and values. It covers a very unique graphical position on the face of world’s map. It is located in between Mediterranean waters and the Black Sea with sharing borders with a lot other countries as well.

Turkey has been lying partly in both Asia and Europe since forever. Certainly, it wasn’t an easy job at all being Turkey. Do you want to know why it is hard to just be Turkey? Because it has a very vital geographical location. We still can’t figure it out that how she manages to be a barrier and bridge at the same time in between the two majestic continents and cultures.

Places to Visit in Turkey:

As we discussed above, Turkey is not just a place or a country. It is a whole manifesto in itself. Drifting from above the history till the current day modernization, Turkey has kept all values well. Turkey has its name in architecture already. Old byzantine and ottoman empires give each and every detail of the architecturally enriched history of the country.

Keeping all in mind, this has been confirmed that the country has to offer a wide range of attractions to the tourists. In this way, it serves the tourism industry on a wise and emerging level. Also, as per the stats, it has been observed that Turkey has been in the growth stage with its tourism industry. It is also on a continuously growing graph.

Let’s Explore More about Turkey:

Turkey is an ancient country. It is extremely nostalgic with history and enriched with art. It has monuments, showcase scenery, iconic landscape, seaside views and it never ceases the impress. Turkey is one whole thug to nail both Europe and Asia. It has a vibrant blend of both western and eastern cultures. Along with glorious steppes and the sun hiding high snow peaks.

Let’s see what places in Turkey cannot be compromised visiting:

1. Aya Sofia:

Aya Sofia museum or the Hagia Sophia museum is one of the proofs of the glory of the Byzantine era. The spellbinding pillars of Aya Sofia museum makes a verdict themselves. It is understood that this monument of heritage should be given a visit must.

The exterior minarets of the building have been created after the ottoman war. The inside views and stories preserve the culture and history of present day Turkey. It tells the old Constantinople’s tales of power and authority.


Ephesus is the colossal city of ruins and monuments. It has a wide range of multi marbled columned roads. The city has its history linked with the Roman empire of the Mediterranean region. The Ephesus, as a city, reminds us of the golden era of the Roman ages.

It will take half a day in simple sightseeing of the major views and attractions of the city. If you ever plan on visiting the Ephesus city enriched with roman history, make a bit more time. You would be able to more clearly absorb the wonders of the city.


The most surreal and swooping beauty of Cappadocia are goals. The city and its amazing views are a living dream to every photographer. The high cliffs and stone made city has an aura of its own uniqueness. The wave-like rocks and pinnacles were formed by water and wind millions of years ago. The city is such a preservative of nature.

You must go hike up the stoned surface of the city to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the magnificent city. If it doesn’t suit you, you can get a ride in hot air balloon. It must leave you in awe with the iconic views. You will find a lot of other attractions from history like the churches from the Byzantine era.

4. Topkapi Palace

The Topkapi palace comes right from the Ottoman Era. It takes you to the opulent times of the Sultans and the Khans. The sultanate empire started from here and drove towards Europe, then Middle East and then Africa. The sultanate extended rapidly.

The Palace is one of the marvels of architecture from interior as well as from the exterior. The lavish tiling and glimmering jeweled décor is an icon. These are the unforgettable power bases of the Ottoman age. The gardens surrounding the palace were not open before. They were occupied by the government. But now they have opened them for the general public and visitors as well.

5. Pamukkale:

In English, Pamukkale is often referred as the “Cotton Castle”. It has the pure white travertine terraces which makes it the most popular one from the list of natural wonders. It is a wonder indeed. The pure white snowfield sloping in between the green fields.

The travertines are also the ruins from the popular Roman Hierapolis. It was an old spa town, lying on the calcite top hill. The highlighted attraction with its roots deep from the Roman Empire gives the tourists another reason to visit the spot.

As it is considered as a world wonder, it is one of the favorite spots for the photographers. They come early morning when the travertines are glowing with as the sun rising up. Also, they come at the dusk times when the sun is sinking down. The mesmerizing view will take your breath away for sure.




Exploring Gilgit Pakistan

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“Exploring Gilgit, Pakistan”

We heard you want to visit the Gilgit region in the up north of Pakistan. Well, we have put in all our efforts in describing the immense culture and experience of our tour to that region.


As per the stats, tourism is rapidly growing in Pakistan since 2010. If you have never visited Pakistan before, we would like to start with some information and facts about the magnificent country.

Pakistan was given freedom on August 14, 1947. It is officially known as “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. Geographically, Pakistan is located at a very vital and very significant position on the face of planet earth’s map.This makes the climate of Pakistan extremely interesting.

When Should You Plan to Visit Northern Regions of Pakistan?

The climate of Pakistan covers all four seasons. However, weather in the up north regions is mostly cold. It gets extremely cold in the months of December, January and February. The roadways get closed in these months as well.

The best months to visit this region are August, September and October for those who enjoy cold weathers. While, for those who want to explore the green scenic landscapes with a mildly cold weather should prefer going there in the months of May, June and July.

Traveling Gilgit:

Keep your eyes glued to your gadgets or laptop screens and keep on reading. We are going to share our complete travel experience to the Gilgit region in Pakistan.

Tour Duration:

From Karachi, the duration of the complete travel will take up to 8-10 days depending upon the travel from Karachi via train, roadways or air.

Day 01:

Starting from Islamabad, you can patch up with a number of traveling and trip organizers. For your travel up north, we would suggest you to consult the tour planners. If you want to enjoy more and worry less, tour planners can offer quite a deal in this case.

The tour starts usually in the midnight from Islamabad. It takes about 5-6 hours’ drive to Balakot. The morning breakfast is done there. Some parathas along with tea would help. After a 1-2 hours stay there among the magnificent mountains, you can continue traveling ahead.

The travel continues for about 2-3 hours till Naran. You can stay there again for 1-2 hours and visit the market there. Rafting is also one of the main attractions in the Naran region.

After the gushy market tour and rafting, you can start moving ahead. Within 4-5 hours of travel, you will reach Chillas.

Day 02:

Chillas has different resorts and hotels. You have to pick one to have food, stay the night and also to have the breakfast next morning.

After the breakfast, you can resume the travel journey by road. The roadway will give you an everlasting experience and never-ending views of the snow peaked hills and mesmerizing valleys.

The road travel will take 3-4 hours ahead to the Nanga Parbat view point. The specific view point is famous for creating the link between 3 mountain ranges.

Moving ahead, Hunza region is reached within 3-4 hours of more travel. The most importants spots in Hunza are Baltit and Altit forts, Passu cones, Karimabad market, Eagle nest view point and a lot more.

You should visit eagle nest resort and view point first. It offers a mesmerizing scene of a number of snow covered glaciers and mountains. One of these peaks is named as “lady finger” which also looks like it.

A 1-2 hours stay won’t take much. Then going through the Karimabad market, and again 1 hour drive can take you to any resort or hotel you choose to stay in.


Do not the stone shopping and the walnut cake from Karimabad market in Hunza.

Day 03:

 In Hunza and the resort there what you have to do is staying the night in any hotel and having the breakfast next day.

After the breakfast, brace yourself because it is going to get really chilly now. The temperature going down to about minus 5-10 degrees easily.

A 3-4 hours’ drive ahead through the majestic Karakorum Highway upwards will take you to the Sost. Sost is a small town in Hunza valley which comes right before the Karakorum National Park or Pak-China Border. The border is magnificent. It is home to scenery and iconic views.

You will reach there in 2-3 hours of drive ahead. And it will leave chattering your teeth. Low temperature and iconic views; a lifetime experience.

Staying for an hour at max because you can’t handle anymore of cold, just saying. Returning on the same routes, passing through the long dark tunnels, you will reach back to Hunza. You must visit the altit and batit forts which are the preservers of the cultural heritage.

After having a cultural delight, you should move ahead to Hussaini Suspension Bridge in Passu region. Crossing the bridge on foot is dangerous and not so dangerous at the same time.

Returning from there, you have to stay another night in Hunza. A night time concert of soft yet touching Wakhi songs from the Bulbulik Music School guys would be another treat.

Day 04:

The day ends and night stay is done at the resort. Breakfast from the resort and moving backwards is the journey left ahead.

After 3-4 hours travel, you would reach Attabad Lake. Jet Ski and Boating through the mesmerizing, calm and peaceful lake will leave you really satisfied.

Staying for 1-2 hours there, you can move forwards towards Naran. After 5-6 hours travel, you will reach Naran.

Day 05:

Staying the night at Naran is the main purpose. You won’t mind a night time BarBQ in the resort too. After the night and breakfast next day. Moving back towards Pakistan, you will reach Balakot within 3-4 hours’ drive. Lulusar Lake come on the way too.

After 6-7 hours travel, you will finally reach Islamabad and the journey will end there. We believe the experience will stay alive for the whole life.

Five Must Go-To Cities in Europe

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Five Must Go-To Cities in Europe:


Europe, a name of its own, is the second smallest continent of the world. The greatest land spread was linked with Asia. It got mostly separated from Asia in the mid of 19th century by the ocean water, most significantly by the waters from Ural river, Caspian Sea and the Black Sea.

The name of Europe was put up after the name of a princess in Greek mythology i.e. “Europa”. Since then, the philosophy of the name “Europa” was changing and now a vast region within Europe in names as “Europa”.

If you don’t belong to any European nation and if you wish to visit the majestic places there; if you plan to feel the magic Europe resides within, we recommend you keep reading.

Geographical Significance:

Europe, as a scenic yet small continent compromises of so many states within. These states are actual keepers of the landscape beauty and well-crafted historic monarchs.

Europe stretches mostly through the northern hemisphere and covers major portion of the eastern hemisphere of the globe as well.

Covered more than half with the waters from Arctic ocean, Caspian and Black Sea and rest of the land of Europe is linked with Asia. The intercontinental cities shared by both Europe and Asia are Istanbul, Jakarta, Orenburg and Atyrau.

The states coming in the northern hemisphere are mostly cold as per the climate throughout the year such as: Norway, Sweden and Finland etc. While the states of Europe coming in the eastern hemisphere are tropical and cold both such as: Italy, Denmark, Germany etc. Summers are mostly short there. So if you are a winter traveler, Europe is your place to go.

Traveling Through Europe Made Easy:

We understand the concerns while planning to travel a new place and specially if it is about traveling through a whole new continent, we know the hassles you have to go through.

If you are planning your next trip to Europe, make sure you visit any five cities in one trip to give complete time to absorb the newness in the ambiance, culture, heritage and also history. We are sure you will a whole new and different world in each and every city you visit.

Also, considering the air travel intercity in the Europe will cost your trip even double than you have budgeted. To keep you covered we have a hack for you. Yes, only if you want to save the intercity traveling cost.

Europe has launched the FlixBus and FlixTrain services and believe us its highly safe, comfortable, easy to travel and unimaginably cheap. It costs you different rates on the basis of distance for each city. However, they have a package if you want to travel any 5 cities in the whole Europe for just €99.00. Isn’t it worth giving a shot?

Five Top Must Go-To Cities in Europe:

We believe choosing between all the beautiful, one of their kind cities of the Europe is actually very difficult. We might help you with what facts we have to tell to make your choices easy.

1. Paris, France:

Paris has always been a dream come true to almost everyone who have visited or even those who have never visited Paris dream to go there at least once in their life. We understand why.

France’s capital, Paris, is home to gastronomy, culture and fashion. It is considered as the global center for art and design.

Having quite a number of boulevards and surrounded by River Seine, Paris is famous for its landmark Eiffel tower and Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral. So if you plan to have a trip to Paris, don’t miss out going to the hop-on hop-off sightseeing cruise of River Seine and also the hop-on hop-off tour of Paris by bus.

2. Berlin, Germany:

Your next destination while in Europe should be the largest city of Germany by both area and population. Berlin, the capital of Germany is rich in history having its dates back in the 13th century.

Berlin is also considered to be the city of freedom as tourism there has reached its another level. The sightseeing in Berlin consists Reichstag building which is famous for the separation of the military zone between the two sides of the Wall. Another signature attraction of Berlin is Brandenburg gate and Gendarmenmarkt has the catchiest squares in the town.

3. Rome, Italy:

Being the capital of Italy, Rome has its name rich in the history of art for about 3000 years now. Rome is considered to be the most metropolitan city of Europe sprawling with a rich culture and historical art.

There ruins and remains in Rome link its roots to the old and most famous Roman Empire. The places of attraction such as Vatican City and Colosseum embark the power of the Roman empire.

More places of visits are Vatican museums, headquarters of the Roman cathedral church, St. Peter’s Basillica and Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands:

The city of the Golden age, Amsterdam is the state of the art in its own beautiful way. Having its dates and legacies from the 17th century, Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands.

The city is also famous for its rich history in art and an even more artistic heritage. The canal systems in the city are extremely well-managed and elaborate. The houses being narrow have gabled facades.

The city has its name in cycling and there are multiple bike paths on the roads. Also, Amsterdam is considered to be the 4th most populous city of the European states. The city’s main attractions are Van Gogh Museum, works by Rambrandt and Vermeer at the Rijksmuseum.

5.London, England:

London, being the capital city of the United Kingdom or England, has its roots stretched back to the Roman days as well.

The city is home to modern technology and historic culture. Houses of Parliament are the center of attraction in the state. Westminster Abbey and the clock tower “big ben” is another iconic symbol. The Thames River in the whole city and the South Bank cultural complex gives a panoramic landscape view at the London Eye observation wheel.




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