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Let’s Get Amused:

Amusement Park:

Amusement parks are the central place for various kinds of adrenaline challenges. It includes games, rides and other various entertainment events. Usually amusement parks are also known as theme parks but there is a basic difference.

Theme parks are those amusement parks, which are centrally based on any theme. Mostly the themes are over any animated cartoon series or the movies. Moreover, the amusement parks have a lot more to offer. Such as carnivals, festivals and playgrounds.

Amusements Parks in the World:

There are a variety of amusement spots in the world. Most of them are based in either United States or in the Europe. However, the number of amusement parks in the Europe is comparatively more than the parks in that of U.S.

So, if you are an adrenaline junkie or want to experience something breathtaking, visit the amusement park. Let us bring some thrill in life and not sit back.

Well, in Europe, did you know they have a FlixBus? The flixbus takes you almost every kind of destination. It can be a hiking spot, a theme park, a thermal bath spot, beaches or any other holiday place. Also, they have a guide set out for those who need help and are new in the European region.

Some of the most famous amusement parks in the world are listed as follows:

  1. Europa Park
  2. Disneyland Paris
  3. Heide Park
  4. Hansa Park

Europa Park:

Europe’s most famous and the most amazing amusement park is what you are reading about. Yes, it is Europa Park. The unique personality and one of a kind version of the park appeals the visitors like nothing else.

The continent-wide approach attracts the visitors visiting from every nook and corner of the world. Where can you see a mix of all? Especially when it is about the taste of 14 different countries. Under one boundary, one place, in one day, Europa Park will give you a thrilling experience of 14 different countries.

The park has incorporated an essence and cultural blend of the 14 different European states. It has created an atmosphere unique in its way. The park has section and each section represents a country according to its specific theme. It includes a cultural blend, artistic heritage, architecture, engineering workpieces, adventure and all that should be.

With a blend of every other country within, the Europa Park also describes the European culture in an actually detailed way. The restaurants and show of all kinds reflects the European culture. It also offers wild rides and thrilling games. Plan a day and it will take you away!


As far as the generations involved, Disneyland is the most visited amusement park and tourist destination of United States and also of the Paris in France. Won’t you agree? There are two major divisions in the Disneyland Paris. One is Disneyland Park and the other one is called Walt Disney Studio Park.

The park offers a variety of attractions in the form of shops, games, rides, themed restaurants and also the resort. You would be amazed to know that there were 14 million visitors alone in 2014 at the resort in Disneyland.

There are almost 56 shops, about 54 impressive attractions and a total of 69 themes restaurants in the Disneyland Paris. There are five unique themes to serve visitors of all ages. Also, there goes a fireworks display over the Sleeping beauty’s castle. Only the lucky ones get to see it though.

The major attractions and thrilling rides here in Disneyland Paris is the rollercoaster. It will make you live up to your expectations. The theme characters, childhood dreams, all has been given a new life. You will see when you will visit. Good thrills!

Heide Park:

Talking about Germany, Heide Park is also one of the biggest theme amusement parks of Germany. It is to be found in Soltau in case you want to visit. It will make you choose from 42 crazy rides. The rides are going to challenge your adrenaline. It is surely going to be a hell crazy adventure.

So, you still craving for some more thrill? We got you a whole ton of crazy baggage. The Heide Park has the highest and fastest wooden rollercoaster out of the whole Europe. Also, the world’s highest drop tower. So, just hold tight and fasten your seat belts. It is going be a crazy ride.

9 of the 42 rides are thrilling and crazy. While there is a lot more for everyone. A little of everything will be found in Heide Park. It is the complete package in one place.

Hansa Park:

Hansa Park is another treat for the adrenaline junkies. It is an amusement park along the coast of Germany’s seaside. The Hansa Park has won a lot of awards previously. It is the only park to be recognized with multi-award winning capacity.

Hansa Park offers a wide range of attractions along which includes the fastest rollercoaster within the Germany. A total of 125 attractions have a variety for all. Which means that you are covered in any way. The park has its own place in the history as well. It has its architecture and theme based on the European Hanseatic League of Middles ages.

The park is actually located along the Baltic Sea coast. Thus, it offers a great deal in beautiful scenery and countless fun screams. The park is home to thrill and adventure with all kinds of fun and crazy rides and games. Also, is has a Cinema that plays 4D movies.

Five Popular Snow Ski Destinations in the World

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Five Popular Snow Ski Destinations in the World:


Skiing is an eye catching sporty act. For skiing, the skiers wear ski boots. The boot is attached to the ski with ski bindings. The skiers glide over the snow and this is called skiing.

It is done for a lot of purposes. Main purposes are:

  1. To travel over the snow from one place to another. It is considered for the people who live in such cold snowy regions.
  2. It is also done as a recreational activity by the tourists or even the natives of other regions.
  3. It is considered as a winter sport which is extremely competitive.

Such competitions of skiing as a sport is mostly arranged and organized by the FIS (International Skiing Federation) and also by the IOC (International Olympic Committee).


A ski is a metallic strip. It is comparatively very narrow. It is made of rigid metal and it is usually made and used in pairs. Skiers from around the world use skis to glide over the snow. This narrow metallic strip is sustainably longer that its width.

Some use it for recreational activities, while some use it for traveling in snowy regions. Ski is also used for skiing competitions.

Types of Skiing:

There are mainly two major types of Skiing i.e.

  1. Snow Skiing
  2. Water Skiing

As per the discussion, we are talking about the snow skiing and its popular destination here.

Types of Snow Skiing:

Speaking of snow skiing as an extremely sporty act, it comes up with a few types too which are:

  1. Nordic
  2. Telemark

1.  Alpine Skiing:

Alpine skiing is usually considered as free-style skiing. Alpine skiing is also called as “downhill skiing”. Any skiers can do skiing anytime, reason can even be for traveling. It will be called alpine skiing. Fixed- heel bindings is usually the differentiating characteristic of the Alpine skis.

2. Nordic Skiing:

In Nordic skiing, the toes of the skiers are attached to the skis while the heels are lifted a bit. This type of skiing includes more of ski jumping and lifting moves. Thus, the feet of skiers are left light.

This sport is only done in the backcountry area with the presence of backcountry guide. Ski jumping is done in specific areas for ski jumping considered by the country.

3. Telemark Skiing:

Telemark skiing is named after the Tele mark region in Norway. It is explained as a ski turning sporty act or technique recognized the FIS.

The arrangement of the skis are similar to that of Nordic skiing because it helps the skiers in making smooth turns.

Five Popular Snow Skiing Destinations:

You must love the idea of skiing by now. So why not have a look at the popular destinations for such an extreme act of sport.

1.  Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb is the ultimate spot for the largest skiing area in the whole North America. It is having a total resort area combining two large mountains. Thus, it is considered as Canada’s premier ski resort.

It offers a total area for 200 runs and a total of 37 lifts. One of these lifts join the two mountains peak 2 peak through the 3 kilometers longest skiing terrain. It is the world’s longest unsupported lift span.

The two mountains are Whistler and the Blackcomb Horseman Glacier. These two mountains are the ultimate destination where you can ski the whole year. The resort is at a distance of 2-3 hours from Vancouver.


Courchevel is the ultimate destination for the experienced sporty skiers. If you are passionate about skiing, and want to do some new moves and explore more about skiing, then Courchevel is your place.

Courchevel is in the world’s longest alpine ski domain with a length of 600 kilometers long interconnected skiing terrains. The spot also has 2500 meters high total of 10 summits.

Courchevel has a ski terrain of a total 150 kilometers with about 60 lifts. As it is in France, it offers as a great attraction for tourists as well.

3. Zermatt:

Putting more breathe in Switzerland, Zermatt is a known spot for Skiing in Switzerland. Zermatt is the skiing spot on the magnificent peak of Matterhorn.

It covers a total area of 350 kilometers. This skiing terrain has slopes and hard trails. It is considered as another heaven for the ski lovers. Launched new in 2019, it has the 3S Lift. This lift can carry 2000 skiers at once to the mighty Matterhorn glacier.

Another fun fact about Zermatt skiing point is that it faces southwards toward Italy. If you area skiing onto the Theodul Pass, it will take you to the Italian Alps area i.e. Val d’Aosta.

4. Aspen Snowmass

Aspen Snowmass is one of the best known spots for skiing in Colorado. The resort there offers a mesmerizing view of the Maroon Creek valley and the skiers skiing there.

Aspen Snowmass is breath taking in literal meanings. It has steep slopes and black and double black terrains. It is strictly recommended for only the above average and expert skiers.

It covers a whole of four ski areas i.e.

  1. Snowmass
  2. Aspen Mountain
  3. Buttermilk
  4. Aspen Highlands

Totally, the area for skiing exceeds 5500 acres. Buttermilk alone has above 3000 acres long skiing terrain.

5. Cortina D’Ampezzo:

Cortina D’Ampezzo is another ski spot in Italy. It has a combining area of five ragged peaks from the Cinque Torri region. It is considered a good ski spot for experts as well as for the intermediate skiers.

Cortina D’Ampezzo became an overnight sensation and a popular spot for skiing after the Winter Olympics in 1956. It is also connected with the Dolomiti Superski Pass which makes its value even higher.

Cortina D’Ampezzo has about 400 kilometers of skiing terrain in the Marmolada glacier. There are about dozens of lifts in the ski spot. They carry the skiers to the glaciers.


That was all, when are you leaving for skiing?


Five Cities Popular For Architectural Heritage

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Five Cities Popular For Architectural Heritage:


Let’s start learning about the architecture. What say?


The word Architecture has been derived from the Latin word “Architectura”.


The word “Architect” has been derived from some of the Greek mythology. First half of the word means “Chief” and the other half of the word means “Creator”. Thus, an architect means the chief creator.

Architecture Definition:

Referring from different definitions, architect is describes as follows:

“Architecture is known as both a process and also an outcome. It is a process of planning, designing, shaping and constructing the buildings and other infrastructures. It is also the outcome of the same.”


The history of architecture can be dug down to the early pyrimidine days. The roots of architectural history has been linked with the oldest ottoman and roman empires. Now a days, we are studying modern day architecture. However, it seems even as older as man itself.

Architecture is no more just a term now. Architecture has preserved so much of history and art till date. Thus, it is more like a heritage and preserver of culture and history itself.

Architecture & Art:

Simply saying;

“Art is the way a human decides to express his imaginative and conceptual ideas.”

Architecture and art have been growing and moving side by side since early times. People, historians and architects have been thinking the styles for the buildings. While, they create something out of those thoughts and ideas, it is called architecture. This is how art and architecture have stayed parallel since ancient times till day.

Styles of Architecture:

Since the early ancient days of mankind till the current day; architect has been evolving and changing trends continuously. Let’s see how it has changed over the time:

  1. Classical & Neo-Classic
  2. Gothic & Gothic Revival
  3. Victorian
  4. Ancient Roman & Romanesque
  5. Byzantine or Ottoman
  6. Greek & Greek Revival
  7. Renaissance
  8. Vernacular
  9. Prairie School
  10. Modern and International

And a lot more styles that would require an amount of time to list down all.

Five Cities Popular For Their Architectural Heritage:

We have been talking about architecture for a long time. Now you must want to know where to find these styles. Also, which piece of history or is the exact description of art and architecture. Let us discuss further about the infrastructure these days.

1.      Athens, Greece

Athens in the Greece is one of the most renowned spot for the ancient ruins. It is famous for the sad beauty is has in the old ruins. The stonework found is having its roots back to the 400 BC days. If you ever happen to see the architecture in Greece, it will take you totally back into the ancient classical history.

Athens excels in the classical style of the architecture. When it comes to heritage Athens has stonework, temples, sculptures etc. Temples are with ancient columns. Must so see architectural pieces in Athens are:

  1. Temple of Olympian Zeus
  2. Temple of Hephaestus
  3. Parthenon
  4. Temple of Athena
  5. Erechtheum

Athens is one the world’s oldest cities. Athens has created the classical style of its own. Thus, the foundations of modern day architecture was laid by it too.

2.      Rome, Italy:

While we talk about architecture, culture or art; we can never forget Rome. If you would even search about architecture, you will be taken back to the Rome and its historical iconic pieces.

In architectural history, Roman Empire is engraved till the worlds to come too. The romans were great innovators of Baroque, Romanesque, Renaissance and Gothic styles in architecture. It was the romans who invented the dome and the arch. They used concrete in such perfect manners.

We would suggest you must go see the Incredibles of history in Rome once in a lifetime. The Rome is shelter to these iconic pieces:

  1. Colosseum

  2. The Pantheon

  3. The Pont du Gard

  4. The famous thermal bathhouses

  5. Peter's Square

  6. Santi Luca e Martina

  7. Trevi Foundation

3. St. Petersburg, Russia:

Rococo movement was introduced back in the 18th century. France was striving to fight against the Baroque style and its symmetrical designs. People is France had to make an identity in architecture for themselves.

Rococo style has an identity of its own. It has its own variety of elements. These elements are:

  1. Thick curves
  2. Pale colors
  3. Secular themes
  4. Light and soft themes

Soon the style started spreading across the whole of Europe. The style has to offer a feel for the viewers.

Its most important art pieces are:

  1. State Hermitage Museum
  2. The Catherine Palace
  3. Peterhof
  4. Peter and Paul Fortress
  5. Winter Palace
  6. Nevsky Avenue

4.      Brasília, Brazil:

Brasilia is Brazil has a futuristic form of architectural offering. The architectural style in Brazil is futurism. With the election of President Juscelino Kubitschek back in 1956, he wanted to build a new capital for the country.

Architect Oscar Niemeyer was to help with the project and Brasilia was born this way. Later, the architect proposed designed for all kinds of infrastructure for the new town i.e.

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. buildings

A few major workpieces of art by Oscar Niemeyer are the following:

  1. National Congress of Brazil
  2. The Cathedral of Brasília
  3. President’s residence
  4. Attorney General's office

5.      Munich, Germany:

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, Germany. Are you wondering what Munich has to offer? Well, it is the heart Bavaria. Let’s assure you that it has countless pieces of architectural and historical workpieces for you to see. It is one of the most metropolis cities of Germany.

Famous places to see in Munich are:

  1. The most famous beer hall in Munich,Hofbräuhaus
  2. Marienplatz, walking through there will leave you in peace certainly
  3. St Peters Cathedral
  4. Allianz Arena
  5. Grünwalder Stadium
  6. Bavarian State Chancellery


Well, this was certainly enough to go down the history, art and architectural lane.

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